With more than a decade experience in adopting mobile platforms, MCUs, GNSS and wireless technologies for developing diversified solutions for car electronics industry as well as having strong partnership with key component suppliers, SMT and certification labs, CarNeTek is able to provide reliable, cost-effective OEM/ODM services which is capable of significantly reducing time-to-market without compromising product quality.

Our R&Ds are having a strong history of pioneering new products and collaborating with customers to deliver cutting-edge technology, also together with our strategic partners, we are better positioned to deliver superior and reliable services to save our customers' R&Ds' workload and significantly reduce product development schedule.

Our R&Ds' Experience:

  • Unique and innovative Car Electronics technologies
  • Excellent technical knowledge covering from Android OS, Mobile Platforms, Microcontrollers, GNSS, Audio/Video Processing as well as firmware coding languages like C and Linux
  • Involved in direct technical support to end customers, services excellence accredited by customer testimonials
  • More than 15 years of accumulated design experience in car electronics field
  • Working very closely with test labs and qualification bodies
  • Capable of solving any complex technical problems