Why CarNeTek

We specialize in developing, manufacturing, and marketing the most advanced, integrated, and user friendly IoT Multimedia Player and GNSS tracker to the world-wide market.

Our R&D team has more than 15 years of experience in both hardware and firmware design, analog and digital expertise across organization; result based culture focused on meeting customer needs and we’ve also successfully delivered customized solutions to some first tier customers.

To summerized:

1. We are having strong experience and solid design know-how in car electronics applications and car multimedia technologies
2. We are having proven track record working with GNSS tracking service providers
3. We are having great engineering team who are able to provide superior technical support
4. We are having strong knowledge and experience in product certifications
5. Our products are manufactured by a professionsl subcontractor under the quality standard of ISO-9001 and ISO-16949