GNSS Asset Tracker
GNSS Magnetic Portable Asset/Covert Tracker
Detailed information

TK200S is a rugged, portable asset/covert tracker which is able to be quickly mounted on the metal surface of the valuable asset (i.e. chassis, container) by its strong magnets. TK200S is available in two models depending on its functionality: TK200S PP (Permanent Power Source) and TK200S EB. (Extended Battery)

With its 1-meter P/I/O cable, TK200S PP is able to be powered by vehicle’s battery which make the installation permanent and allow reporting when vehicles are running. TK200S PP is also supporting two inputs and two outputs, the input can be triggered to identify if options are on; the output is capable of triggering external relay.

To extend the battery life of the first generation TK100S, TK200S EB is equipped with a 10200mA/h rechargeable battery which is able to extend 30% operation hours compared to the TK100S. Besides, TK200S supports BLE wireless connectivity for multiple external sensors, i.e. temperature and humidity sensor, fuel level sensor, door sensor, and panic switch etc.

Suitable Applications:
- Container and Mobile Asset
Trailer and Caravan
Construction Equipment
Plant Machinery
Boat and Motorcycle
Offroad Vehicles