GNSS Asset Tracker
GNSS Portable Magnetic Asset/Covert Tracker
Detailed information

TK100S is a rugged, portable asset/covert tracker which is able to be quickly mounted on the metal surface of the valuable asset (i.e. chassis, container) by its strong magnets. It’s equipped with a high capacity rechargeable battery which makes TK100S suitable for asset related monitoring applications.

TK100S adopts Qi certified wireless charging solution to resolve the hassle of charge cables; besides, device configuration can be done wirelessly via Bluetooth.

In addition, the introduction of ASA resin instead of traditional ABS and PC plastic not only maintained the main characteristics of the ABS and PC, it also combines the weather resistance advantage of acrylic to extend the product application for outdoor purposes.

Suitable Applications:

- Container and Mobile Asset
Trailer and Caravan
Construction Equipment
Plant Machinery
Boat and Motorcycle